Posted on: September 11, 2009 12:45 pm

Hatred? Or jealousy?

I had the privelage of watching the Steelers-Titans game last night on a 100 inch high definition projection screen, a real luxury when you live in a sophomore dorm on a college campus. Some thoughts from after the game...

  • How many seasons do the Steelers need to have a bad offensive line before it is seriously addressed? I realize that their continued success puts a damper on their draft spot, but you can't tell me that there weren't free agent upgrades at key positions on the line. The running game last night, against a Haynesworth-less Titans D-line, was atrocious.
  • Even with the Titan's constant pressure on Roethlisberger, he still managed 300+ yards through the air. Was the secondary even on the field for Tennessee? They tightened up when it mattered, IE when the steelers got in the red zone, but the lack of coverage on 3rd downs is unacceptable. Ben picked apart the secondary when he needed to, and that just can't happen later in the season against quality quarterbacks
And, for my main bullet...
  • Troy Palamaulu (excuse my spelling) was hurt last night, and could be out 3-6 weeks. While the play on which he got hurt was in no means dirty, this didnt seem to stop Browns fans from flooding the message boards about how dirty of a player Troy is, and how he had this coming to him. He had 2 personal fouls last night, but one was a facemask, a mistake that shouldn't be classified as dirty. The other was a late hit, and a good call, but also not dirty. His momentum alone was responsible for the hit out of bounds on Chris Johnson, as he dove before Johnson had even stepped out. Troy is one of the hardest working players in the NFL, and when Browns fans hate on him and the city of Pittsburgh, it is almost pathetic. I am an unbiased Rams fan, and I have to say enough is enough, Cleveland. Your insults are getting more and more pathetic ("the steelers got lucky," "theyre so boring to watch"). You know whats boring to watch? Losing teams. Believe me, I've been experiencing that with the Rams for a few seasons now.
Enjoy your weekend, sports fans.
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